P-M & Associates Company Synopsis

P-M & Associates, Inc., is a customer focused Manufacturers’ Representative agency serving the following industries: Commercial and Residential Plumbing, Fire Protection, Waterworks, Water Well, Wastewater and Hydronic Heat throughout Indiana and Kentucky.

The agency has evolved into these industries following the 1998 merger of P-M & Associates, Inc. and G.E. Meyer & Associates, Inc. P-M & Associates, Inc., founded in 1974 by Fred L. Munds Jr. and Joe Q. Pindell, was involved in Commercial Plumbing and Fire Protection. G.E. Meyer & Associates, Inc., on the other hand, was founded in 1959 by G.E. “Bud” Meyer with a focus on residential plumbing and water well products. The merging of the two agencies has culminated into a diversified representative firm with seven outside salespersons traveling Indiana and Kentucky. The combined expertise of the sales force has produced a strong firm dedicated to serving customers in a broad spectrum of industries